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First Event; A little help for Koopa's Paradise


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First Event; A little help for Koopa's Paradise

Post by Kurt_Koopa on Fri Aug 01, 2014 3:46 pm

Today, I'm going to be hosting a pretty simple event for an upcoming game called, Koopa's Paradise. This event should be pretty easy, mostly that there isn't many members at the moment. This event would highly help for the in game development to speed up some progress. I'm planning to have this game out before the end of September at least, it might be longer. Today strikes the first of August, and with not much word has gotten out to this game I'm making for us this might make it a bit difficult. Without doubt, I need some help.

To some users, they may have heard about this game being an MMORPG. Yes, it is an MMORPG. You'll be able to play with your friends and family on this game. You'll start as a Koopa Troopa and get to choice your own shell to start with. To which shell you start with, you get different status boosts and even spells to help aid you. To all the females Koopa's, they'll get hair just like how Koopie has in Paper Mario, A Thousand Year Door.

Anyway let's cut to the chase and get onto the rules, and how to win.

The way to win this event is quite as simple as pie. There are files on the internet to these following category's I need help to find and make this game better. For each category will list a number of points you'll get for each submission.

Animations: 20 points
Characters: 5 points
Faces: 7 points
Fogs: 30 points
Furniture: 5 points
Items: 5 points
-Will explain what this is.- Paperdolls: 20 points
Projectiles: 10 points
Resources: 20 points
Spells: 6 points
Spell Icons: 6 points
Title sets: 12 points
2X boost in work for any of the category pieces: Creating your own design for an 2D RPG game.

1st place winner: You'll become an in-game developer and be mentioned for your work from credit, not only that but you'll be able to help the Kurt build your own designed maps with the presets that were added from the event. You can still play the game, however I'm going to give you a large list of rules to follow when playing as a developer.

2nd place winner: You'll gain a starting package to help ease your adventure though most of the game. Contact me in game and I'll deliver the following items.

- An Yoshi egg for of a certain color to summon, each one has their own spell: Green, Blue, Yellow, Red.
- A starting weapon that's pretty powerful enough to defeat the two first bosses without any problems.
- A starting house around world 1.
- 5000 starting coins.

3rd place winner: You'll gain a starting package to help ease your adventure a bit. Contact me in game and I'll deliver the following items.

-A starting weapon with good stats to defeat the first boss.
-2000 starting coins.

They have to mostly belong to Nintendo's work. Ask on this topic to get more information to the items above and what to find. Don't have fear, ask away and I'll give you the size to which is needs to be found and used to help. I do suggest you ask before getting started, and if you want to participate in this event to be added. All pieces should either be submitted on Skype, Facebook, FurAffinity, and Deviant Art in private messages for all. They can be submitted here as well. This event will end September 15, 2014.

Paperdolls: Paperdolls are basically clothing pieces, or weapons that get equipped onto a character and shown to everyone.

Hint: A program to which I suggest to help get started on looking around would be a program called, RPG Maker or Eclipse Origin.

Participating Players:

1st. Catskart - 144

Have fun searching, Koopa's~  Extremely Happy_Koop

-Edit: Due to there not being many people going around, the event has been moved even longer to December 20th until more activity is presented.

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