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Post by KaiserDragon on Fri Aug 22, 2014 5:05 pm

For RuneScape
KaiserDrag0n Note: I'm a member, so you'll more likely find me on Members world [Usually 69, playing Pest Control MG] but I will more than likely go to any world if you request to spend time with me.

Nintendo Category (e.g. 3DS, Wii/WiiU)
Sadly, I do not have my 3DS any longer and need a new one, but when I get the new one along with a Wii U, I'll get you my friend codes/N ID

Steam (Coming soon)
I'll update you when I get my new internet and new place set up.

DMO (Digimon Masters)

For some reason, Korean server has been acting strangely to me, so you'll find me on the other. Normally I'm not on, but you'll find me on there, username: CzarKaiser

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