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Kai's Guild Introduction


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Kai's Guild Introduction Empty Kai's Guild Introduction

Post by KaiserDragon on Thu Jun 12, 2014 4:20 am

Hey out there, Koopas!
Just thought I'd speak a little about the guild I just recently started under the name [AlphaPhoenix].

I've introduced this guild (and the name) specifically for the purpose of my own originality, though the meanings are sentimental. I am looking for some guild positions for others along the lines of [Representatives], [Warriors], [Contributors] and [Skill Completionists]. If anyone is interested in applying, simply post a reply with the following format below and I will eventually establish an update with a list of games the guild is affiliated with, and it will in time update more in the time I review applications.

I will reply to applications based on how you prefer: through the topic here or in PM.
I will update you on the guild rulings when I set up the [External] Guild introduction page for you to get to learn it.

The Application format form is:
(Anything marked with a black star icon is required.)

★Name (What you go by or actual name, will be private.):
★Username (Important part of your Net Handle.):
★Skills (e.g. Contributions, quests, skills, fighting, etc.):
Referrer (who referred you, if any.):
★Active time (Days and time you will be active.):
Other information:

Those of you who prefer anything required being private, simply send your application in PM and I can check from there.

Thanks for reading, and I'm looking forward to seeing new applicants for sure! xP
You can also put down if you want to be a regular member, simply for the fun of chatting and such in the community, it's good to have talks and will make the site around here a lot cheerier even in the early stages!

Logo and official imagery is all in the works, I'll let you know when I finish that all too.

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