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Koopa News!


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Koopa News!

Post by Kurt_Koopa on Sat Sep 20, 2014 12:18 pm

Hey everyone! This is Kurt Koopa again, and the website is now almost fully finished. There are still a few errors that indicate all around and the music to the pages are still being worked on, but other then that. How do you guys like the website? Is it enough to earn some check ups, or even some rates? Leave a comment down below to speak of the manner.

Koopa Element Shell Badges are coming out soon to use for your signature all across the internet. To anyone who's currently in the guild, Turtle's Alliance. You guys will be given a badge of your own picking element that will indicate a long term member of this group. There will be lot's of elements like fire, water, ice, light, dark, nature, earth, and even a few made up ones to that.

The shop channel is coming out extremely soon. I managed to create a bank account to get the shop on the run, however all that now leaves me procrastinating on is to my art I need training on. I'm a bit worried that my art isn't good enough and that it'll draw away people instead of bringing them in. I'll give it my best, and hope to make up enough money on improving the forum, or website.

The events for the website will also be coming out this week, and maybe even the video channel! Once there all in, the channel will begin to earn some popularity. A few groups were also added into the group list under the community. More are to come, so be on the look out for updates!

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