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Wall of gamer's

Post by Kurt_Koopa on Sun Jul 06, 2014 1:00 pm

~Wall of gamer fan base~

Welcome to the wall of gamer's. Here you'll get to view everyone's favorite video games though-out the past. Each gamer knows when they have a fan favorite game they like, your likely to expect a huge brawl grudge match between them both.

This can be ANY games that you love. Let it be to Super Mario Brothers, to Street Fighter, or to Call of Duty.

If you have a favorite game. Your username will be added down this list and even given a link to your topic to why you love that game. They don't have to only be just one game. It can be loads of other games you want to discuss about.

Note: This topic will be locked to prevent spam from out-breaking, but moderators and administrator's are allowed to edit this topic.


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