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Stream Rules


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Stream Rules

Post by Kurt_Koopa on Sun Jul 06, 2014 1:25 pm

Welcome to the general stream lounge giving you extra knowledge about to the forum page.

Here you're allowed to post in your own stream to have your friends watch, and like your stream page. Please keep in mind when using this stream page as it does have a few extra rules to follow.

~Extra Rules to know~[/i]

Rule 1: No inappropriate content. Please keep in mind that this is a general stream. Any dirty content that comes from this forum will immediately be moved into the adult lounge to prevent any mis-happens from expanding to larger scales. If anyone catches someone playing something inappropriate during the video. Let a moderator, or I know as soon as possible.

Rule 2: Letting everyone know your video is not playing, or about to play. You can always edit your posting once it's done, or create a schedule plan to provide the information we require to watch. After all, no one really wants to be waiting for hours on hours to watch a video.

Rule 3: Swearing is allowed, but harassing is not. Don't harass any members there even if they're not apart of this forum. Moderators and even the Administrator maybe watching your play by plays during video watching.

Rule 4: Mentioning our forum during the video to those who don't know. We do like it if you speak about our forum, but please don't brag people to come join our lovely forum. If they're interested on joining, you can give them the link to either the main website or to the forum page. Asking never hurts, but if they say no or doesn't really know if they should join. That's the sign not to mention it up.

Rule 5: Having your video be mentioned about our group. If your going to pull out a random mention about our forum during your video. You're highly allowed, but follow down to rule 4 before doing that.

Rule 6: Allow the five rules that were spoken. Please do, they're important to help establish peace towards other followers of your video and for our safety.

Thank you and happy streaming for you~!

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