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Post by Terry on Sun Mar 01, 2015 5:39 pm


Scarpine is a blue dragon lord of peace of happiness. He is very loyal and caring to his friends and cares very much for the survival of his species. He is very sad and disgusted at the discrimination and stereotypes of dragons. He comes from a world rich in dragons and other species. He hates war and fighting and would like the universe to all get along.

A reptilian alien of the Nilothian race from the planet Niloth about 4,000 light years from Earth. He has the title “Lord” in front of his name and he is the leader of his race and lives in a temple on his home planet. He dislikes humans and believes them to be a destructive and violent race.

Mario FCs

An army hammer brother from Vibe Island. He works mostly outside of Bowser's castle and only appears at certain times when important missions come up. He takes missions very seriously and will ensure they are done to perfection. He is very intelligent and strong also. Monty will use his skills and strength to capture an enemy quickly and quietly without much trouble. He is the squadron leader of a selected group of hammer brothers personally trained and selected by Monty. As a leader, it is his responsibility to ensure his squad are fit for purpose and their well-being is kept in check.

A duplighost working for Bowser. Like all duplighosts, he has the power to shapeshift into anyone he chooses. He acts as a spy in various places to obtain information for Bowser while hiding his appearance to be able to get access to places he wouldn't be able to in his normal form. He can also use his abilities to pretend to be any of the Mario brothers or their friends but captures them first so they don't interfere. If Mario or anyone is missing, Milo poses as them so the missing/captured is not found.

Pokemon FCs

Blaze is a Wartortle originally coming from a tight-knit community of Squirtle and Wartortle in the western part of a forest south of Johto. He is very protective of his community and his friends. He does not like humans much and with the help of his friends, will try and keep humans away from them and if needed, will set up traps to capture them and use them as hostages or will kill them if they are dangerous enough. Blaze hates his evolved form and refuses to evolve into Blastoise and has much pride in the Wartortle race. Blaze never trusted humans at all until Spencer apppeared near his territory. He sensed something different was about him and after realising he could understand pokemon, decided to interrogate him. Blaze realised he wasn't a threat and many secrets of the Pokemon World and Spencer learned things too so Blaze and the rest of the pokemon eventually released Spencer. But Blaze decided to tag along with Spencer for a while as he wished to explore the rest of the world.

A Raichu who is also Blaze's best friend. Sunny was raised from an egg by Spencer who was trained with the help of Blaze to be the pokemon he is today. Unlike Blaze, Sunny is not as nervous around humans. Sunny's training comes from sparring with Blaze and other wild pokemon rather than through actual battles as Spencer is not a normal trainer.

Vernon and Fraser
Vernon and Fraser are a duo of Team Rocket agents. They are very dangerous and loyal to Giovanni. They are also murderers and will not hesitate to kill anyone, human and pokemon, who gets in their way. They see Pokemon as tools for Team Rocket's global dominance and other pokemon trainers as inferior and unworthy of being “true” pokemon trainers. They aim to destroy all Pokemon Centers and other places they see as pointless.

Spencer is a human who has the ability to understand pokemon language. He is an explorer and Pokemon protector who resides in a base deep in a forest. The pokemon are aware of his abilities and sense he has a different aura to most other pokemon. He is of a small group of humans known as “Emeralds” who all can understand Pokemon and also are more in tune with the Pokemon World. He can notice things what other humans can't such as sensing changes in the Pokemon World's atmosphere or seismic activity, etc. He has yet to meet anyone else with the same abilities but an event what has yet to happen will bring them together.

Power Rangers OCs

Professor Robert Coleman
In an alternate MMPR-PRiS timeline, Robert Coleman is a university lecturer in chemistry and astrobiology from Stone Canyon. He is aware that there are beings out there other than on Earth and tries to learn all he can when the news of Rita's, etc existence comes to Earth. He learns of Dark Specter and other factions long before the Power Rangers do from unofficial sources.

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