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Beginning of establishment


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Beginning of establishment Empty Beginning of establishment

Post by Kurt_Koopa on Tue Jul 01, 2014 3:59 am

Hey every Koopa who's so far joined my forums! I want to give big hand out to all those's that have joined my forum in the early makings. Without you guys to give me support, this wouldn't have been created and I might of been your lonely adventurous Koopa. This month has been really difficult for me to keep up with the forums, but after my hard works. I managed this beginning of summer. There will be more updates coming up, and a lot more activity going on here with the sites. Please guys keep up the good work and I hope you all begin to get active around the forum, after all this is our lovely den that I've made for you guys.

A new update has gotten out! The main page button you see on the upper bar with all your needs to get organized has been created and is ready to get on its way. If you guys get the time. Give the main page a check to view my website. It's still going under a lot of maintenance, but I'm pretty stoke to being able to get the most out; rolling out the red carpets. If you do check and notice a few odd things on the website, it's still going under works and will be fixed up quicker than quick the Koopa. After all, with one administrator at the moment... it's hard work, mostly when trying to get very creative and figure cooler themes for the site.

If you have any friends you feel that would adore this place. Give them a talk. Ask to see if they want to be apart of the Koopa revolution! Don't be shy to ask even your love ones about this place. It won't bite, that is if you break the rules.

With all this. This is Kurt signing out for the day. Will keep in touch and shall be updating the next five listed items I'm giving out to you.

1. All forums will have more information briefing to what's the purpose.
2. More features will be added onto the main website.
3. Images and other cool objects will be added onto the main website when working down on.
4. Questions under the home tab will be moved to a different tab, along side giving out questions that relate to why this all was established.
5. Awaiting more idea's to come from others to help improve the website.

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Posts : 150
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Join date : 2014-06-01
Age : 24
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Beginning of establishment Empty Re: Beginning of establishment

Post by Kurt_Koopa on Wed Jul 23, 2014 4:14 am

The main page to Kurt's website is now completely finished and ready to be tossed for usages. After two weeks on working of the website having to start over twice, it came out pretty awesome for the third time!

I thank you guys for your support. This Koopa will keep working hard and trying to get more members to join the forum and site!

Next upcoming updates will be:

-Looking for groups or guilds to which may need some Koopa help. Giving suggestions to check out does help. If you come across one your interested, or are in a group to which needs help. Suggest it.
-Adding rules to the 'Super Koopa under Community'!
-Shop/Request tab needs to be worked on the main website.
-More games for people to play need to be found. It has to follow under a non-downloadable at the current moment until another time.
-NSFW gallery needs a lot more stuff.

That is so far to what Kurt can think. This is Kurt signing out! Thank you!

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